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10 Reasons Women of Color Deserve Coaching

Everyone does actually, but sometimes we think it's only for a certain group. It's not and here's why.

1. We deserve to feel seen, heard, and appreciated

All women do, especially those of us who may have grown up not feeling valued by society or family. Whether this was demonstrated to us by others’ words or actions or supported by a belief we created ourselves, it’s time to change it.

2. We need supportive people in our lives

If we don’t have people who are cheering us on or believe that our goals are realistic or even exciting, we are not going to pursue them. Supportive energy is contagious.

3. It strengthens our self-worth

When others help us reflect on what we have accomplished and are currently doing, the change of perspective is wild. We may be overly critical of ourselves and not recognize what we can celebrate.

4. It increases our confidence

When others tell us what they see in us, and it’s what we want to embody, it’s powerful. If someone can see it in us, it helps us see that we are not too far from it. That it’s already there and just needs to be practiced.

5. It allows us to further help others

When we learn something, we teach others. We are constantly uplifting and supporting those around us. A gained skill or confidence to help others, impacts so many.

6. We then show our family / friends / community what is possible

Our family and community don’t understand what they don’t know. If they have never seen something done, they may not fully support you with that dream. Once you accomplish it, we serve as a role model of what is possible and allow others to dream big as well.

7. We witness the benefits of investing in ourselves

Investments in ourselves are scary because we are betting on ourselves. This is also why they are so powerful. After the first investment, it will become easier to see the value as opposed to risks of further investments.

8. It helps us get out of our own way

Coaching often reveals that our mindset is keeping us from taking the action we truly want to take. We often have the knowledge we need and simply lack the confidence to take the next steps.

9. It holds us accountable to our goals

When we have someone to regularly check in with, that we are paying, you bet we are going to do the work. Especially when we begin to see the shifts.

10. It is life changing and brings clarity to all areas of our lives

Coaching allows us to understand our thoughts and see where we are operating from. Most likely they impact many areas, and when changed, show results in those multiple areas.

P.S. If you’re ready to reach your goals, apply for 1:1 coaching here:

You deserve it.

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