• Celeste

A Letter From Your Inner Child

Dear beautiful being,

I am so proud of you! Can you pause for a moment and look back to all you've done this past year? Every day, every week, and month has been filled with wins. Why aren't you celebrating them? Celebrating feels good. We need to do more of what feels good and if you don't celebrate yourself first, who is going to?

Don't even say you don't have anything to celebrate - that's not true. Every day that you get up and decide to keep going - that is a win. When you identify your barriers, fears, and challenges - that is a win. You dreaming up your best life - also a win. Every time you bring a smile to somebody - that is a win! Shoot, every time you smile - that is a win!

Only the courageous, hopeful, determined, and loving can continue to walk around like a ray of sunshine. And that's you! Not all day every day, but enough to light up those around you. Your light is meant to be shared. Share it in a way that feels joyous. Keep doing you.

I love you so much,

Your inner child

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