• Celeste

A tip for self-care

You are the most important person in your life. Not in a selfish way but, truly. If you are not well and thriving, how can you enjoy the company of your loved ones? How can you support your friends? How can you contribute to the causes you believe in? Take care of yourself.

If this is hard for you to prioritize - “I can’t just take a bath, I need to give the kids a bath and get them ready for bed!” - think of your inner child. Don’t let others make you think your peace, pleasure, and passions don’t matter now that you’re older. They always will!

One question you can ask yourself daily is “have I played today?” And if not, what can you do without too much effort?

  • Play a board game with friends

  • Play outside with your pet

  • Play a video game

  • Frolic in a garden or nature

  • Turn on music and dance

  • Sing while you make yourself a snack

  • Draw / paint / create art

Whatever it is, enjoy it with no judgement or expectation. You can absolutely take care of yourself and your loved ones. Happy playing!

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