• Celeste

An important monthly release: your period.

Your period is powerful and sacred.

A time to release. Shed what is not needed.

Literally, but also mentally and spiritually.

A time to flow. Release expectations, responsibilities, and emotions.

Process and digest.

Go inward and observe.

Give yourself so much grace, compassion, and love.

Release secrets and deeply held truths to yourself or loved ones.


Warm yourself up. Go into hermit mode. Connect to yourself.

Call in solutions to your problems and worries.

As you release, you create space and energy for the new.

New ideas, perspectives, and goals.

Set intentions for your next cycle.

A time of increased observation.

You’re not more sensitive, you’re more intune.

Your intuition is at a high and your senses are strengthened.

Focus this energy wisely.

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