• Celeste

Costume choices

It feels like I’m playing dress up. I’m going out and buying all these costumes - classes, workshops, courses, programs and trying them on in the store. With weird lightning and wrong shoes. Not able to tell if it fits well, is comfortable, or looks flattering. So, I guess I just have to choose one or a few, buy them, and try them out. Maybe I’ll return some, but if I can’t it’s okay, I’ll know what’s for me and what’s not.

Mind racing, decisions, decisions, decisions. Choose one you tell me? It’s not like a Netflix show where I can just exit and choose again if I don’t like it. Or is it?

Aren’t all decisions just that, choices? If you can make it one time, you can make it again - another choice. Another avenue, try, approach. Always room for more, always juice for creativity, but do you have the faith? You’re going to need it, trust.

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