• Celeste

How to get your master’s degree as a WOC

Grow up with a love of reading (thank you parents) Live in a predominately white town with a clear distinction of you and them Have incredible teachers who make learning fun Be one of the only POC in your high school AP classes Take your school work so seriously you don’t have time for a job Be so introverted you don’t have a social life Feel so ready to leave your hometown you enroll in so many colleges (I’ll get in to at least one) Enjoy the diversity of your new surroundings Connect with your new peers After excitement wears off, absorb yourself in schoolwork Feel the need to leave again Graduate early and decide on more school (cause why not?) Be excited about new adventures Start to question your worth and goals Get distracted by life Work, school, work, school Graduate wondering if it was worth it Celeste, MPH Use the title for the first time ↑ Every once in a while remember this accomplishment and what you’re capable of WOC = women of color POC = people of color

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