• Celeste

Let me hear you roar!

Last year, when I was working with pre-k kids, a little one came up to me and explained his plan. We were going to surprise two other kids.

“Let me hear your roar,” he demanded.

Me being me and in a new environment where I didn't quite know my role, I didn’t know how to respond. “My roar?” I asked.

He gladly demonstrated “ROOOARR! Now let me hear your roar,” he said.

“Roar!” I said hoping it was enthusiastic enough.

“Okay, here’s the plan,” he explained excitedly, “and you can go ‘roar!’ (*whispered).

Is that really what I sound like? I thought amusingly to myself.

Thank you kid for encouraging me to roar and not judging the outcome.

Happy full moon in Leo. May you roar proudly, no matter what it sounds like.

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