• Celeste

Love letter to you and me

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

I have a powerful heart I’m sure. How else would I feel all these emotions as strongly as I do?

But I feel like it’s closed off. There is a block or protection surrounding it. Whatever I need protection from in the past had its purpose. It’s no longer needed. I am now ready to open my heart up to love. Love for myself because that’s where it starts.

Love to all the parts of me that are easy to love, the adjectives that I could rattle off without hesitation. Love to the pieces of me that I could share with a close friend. Love to the bits I share with my partner when we are alone and no one can overhear. Love to the parts that come tumbling out with a therapist or healer after gentle prompting. Love to the inklings I only admit to myself and then question. Love to the treasures buried so deep within me I don’t yet see them. And love to you.

Love to the parts you share freely with the world. Love to the pieces you cautiously whisper at night. Love to the pedacitos that are in español for there is no proper translation. Love to the detallitos that dream about claiming proudly. Love to your corazon, for guiding you to happiness.

Love to our caminos. Love to the process. Love to our healing.

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