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My experience in Purpose Driven Latina

In celebration of today’s full moon, I am celebrating my transformation inside Purpose Driven Latina (PDL). I went in feeling like I wanted to be a coach - I wanted to receive training and learn how to guide others to see if I enjoyed it. On the other side of this experience, I was a coach! I had a coaching client and realized I was capable of helping others - exactly as I was, no fancy coaching certification needed.

How did this happen? By following my curiosity. I was curious about coaching and about PDL so I joined. I knew that I would come out with clarity about my ‘purpose.’ I’ve realized my purpose is to be happy and experience peace. The impact I want to create, however, is supporting WOC with all the healing modalities that I have learned.

I was able to explore this in a supportive community of WOC who were also gaining confidence, clarity, and courage. And seeing the growth in others only fueled my motivation. It showed me what was possible and encouraged me to dream bigger. I gained self awareness, dropped limiting beliefs, and allowed myself to take up space. I explored my mind and heart. This week I celebrate the beginning of my journey with new coaching clients.

This full moon in Sagittarius, take a moment to celebrate.

Where have you traveled in your mind?

What new perspectives have you gained?

What inner knowledge have you come across?

What beliefs have you shifted?

Happy reflecting!

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